I am already on an incredibly exciting QUEST to paint “live” in the Great National Parks of America. Traveling to and exploring each National Park, I am searching for the ultimate scene, then capturing that scene in an original oil painting. My goal is to capture the passion of nature, rather than its portrait. When immersed in the surroundings of a particular park, I can breathe in its unique air, fragrance and light - all the elements that will fill the painting with that Park's exceptional wonders.

I am extremely thankful that America had leaders like Theodore Roosevelt, and artists like John Muir and Ansel Adams, who had the insight and wisdom to preserve and protect National Parks for all generations. For many years, I have loved being inspired by these monuments of beauty that inspire artists of all kinds, provide golden memories for families, and give us all a sense of national pride knowing they are available to us. Our National Parks are every American's birthright.

The National Parks are not only our birthright as American citizens but they serve as the best "branch of peace" that our country can extend to our international visitors. While walking through the Parks, I often hear people speaking in different languages and I feel proud that they are here witnessing the grandeur of our United States.

It is fabulous how many people are responding and encouraging my QUEST to paint “live” in the National Parks. They are all telling me how important and timely it is to support the preservation of these irreplaceable landscapes. I am an advocate, as an artist and as an American, continuing to help promote and protect these vulnerable national treasures.

I learn so much while painting nature and trees. Trees are the greatest living things on this earth. They are ancient witnesses of history and the answer to the salvation of this planet. We, the people of this planet need to honor trees and the precious gifts of nature placed in our trust.

For many years, I have painted passionately in over fifteen National Parks. That experience has evolved into my QUEST and commitment to capture the uniqueness of each park. You can see three forerunners that lead to the QUEST: “Mount Zion”, created in Zion National Park, Utah, "Enchanted", created in Santa Fe National Forest,New Mexico, and "The Gift",created in El Morro National Monument (this painting is now in a private collection in China.)

Now, there are twelve finished oil paintings that are part of the new National Park Paintings series. I am elated to know that there are so many National Parks that are extraordinary in their own captivating way! That keeps me focused on the QUEST and excited to capture each Park's unique essence.