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Fitz Maurice is actively looking for a sponsor to empower the QUEST. If You would like your company to be involved with this powerful mission to help promote and protect the National Parks, encourage Americans to play outside, connect with nature, and extend the "branch of peace" to our international visitors, please contact Fitz Maurice.
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Mojave Desert in
Joshua Tree National Park!"
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Fitz Maurice National Park Paintings


Born to paint, Fitz Maurice has always been an artist; she has supported herself as a professional artist for over twenty-five years. Winner of The New York, Jackson Pollock Foundation Award, Fitz Maurice has exhibited in juried exhibitions, museums and galleries throughout the United States and Europe.

Recently, I attended an exhibition of National Park Paintings by Fitz Maurice. What I saw was breathtaking. In her own signature style, Fitz has created sixteen brilliant National Park Paintings. Her QUEST to paint each National Park is well under way.

Few artists today spend months creating one oil painting. While on the QUEST, Fitz finds hiking, kayaking, and horseback riding, exhilarating ways to discover the most inspirational landscape. Working from direct observation, with her easel perched in a field or high on a rocky ledge, Fitz captures the essence of the National Parks in stunning colors and rich texture.

The National Park Paintings of Fitz Maurice are a tangible legacy of the great American landscape. Several of the originals have already been acquired by enthusiastic art collectors; these beautiful paintings are a wonderful addition to any art collection. They are more than a work of art, they are a lasting treasure to be collected and passed down to future generations.

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Fitz Maurice National Park Paintings
Now available in limited edition prints on canvas, Transept, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona 12" x 16" special opening price $275

Fitz Maurice National Park Paintings

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